The speakers


AspireMelanie Kovacs, Dhruv Parekh and Renata Jendrolovits

‘We will speak about Aspire and our vision, mission and upcoming events for discovering, educating and promoting entrepreneurial female talents.’



eBay – Armelle Moulin-Latiz (Head of Europe Internet Marketing Analytics)

‘Managing Geeks – Is the saying that geeks are brilliant yet notoriously resistant-to-being-managed individuals a myth or a reality? Do you then need to be a geek to manage geeks?

Let me share my over-10-year perspective in 5 minutes!’



Code Artemis – Jasmine Kent

‘I’ll talk about how my interests in engineering and entertainment have taken me to Sega, YouTube and Code Artemis, and my experience launching game funding startup’



GoogleKatie Bell (Site Reliability Engineer at Google)

“Starting from my first programming attempts, when I didn’t know how to do loops, to starting university not knowing what Linux was, to starting at Google thinking they must have made a mistake in hiring me. I will talk about how I finally managed to convince myself that I’m actually good at this stuff.”




SwisscomCarolin Latze (Technical Lead for Security at Swisscom – Innovation)

‘When I started university, I thought I found my paradise. However after some years I left and joined an engineering team at Swisscom. Being very happy with that and seeing the management as boring white-collar professionals, I never thought I would join them. Now I did. How did I get there?’



DeloitteAgnieszka Leyko (Consultant in Risk Analytics Team at Deloitte)

‘Social network – I wouldn’t be where I am now if didn’t have an extensive network of friends. I am not saying that skills are not important, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of networking in the world where “if something is not on facebook then it doesn’t exists”!’



eBay Liesbeth Deddens (Content manager)

‘I found myself climbing on the outside of The Shard, Western Europe’s highest building. I wondered: ‘how did I get here?!’.



Deloitte  – Mervi Kech (Manager in Risk Analytics Team )

When I started my professional career in German speaking countries, I was struggling now and then with cultural differences and language barriers. I was confronted with the prejudices like how young woman can understand something about programming languages, systems architecture or databases. I will tell you how I managed to established my position working in projects in male domain as an only woman.


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