Zürich Girl Geek Dinner #5 in partnership with Phaidon International – ‘The war for female tech talent’

Zürich Girl Geek Dinner #5 in partnership with Phaidon International – ‘The war for female tech talent’

The next Girl Geek Dinner will be hosted at Impact Hub Zurich on Tuesday April 26 at 18:00.

Our theme is “The war for female tech talent”. #InclusiveTalent

Join us on GGD vol 5 for an interesting panel discussion on “The war for female tech talent” in partnership with Phaidon International.

Phaidon International is a global staffing firm with 8 niche brands specialising in STEM. The company’s Inclusive Talent series brings together Hiring Managers and industry professionals to address talent pipeline challenges and help facilitate industry change.

We will also have short intros from

  • Hack Zurich” – biggest hackathon event in Europe happening on September
  • Impact Hub Zurich” which aims to build the entrepreneurial community to prototype the future of business and is providing the venue for the event.

We will be posting our Eventbrite link on April 12.
update: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zurich-girl-geek-dinner-5-tickets-24578483907


The war for female tech talent

“A company’s success is as much about its employees as it is about the quality of its product or service. Yet, for technology companies in particular, attracting and retaining highly-skilled workers in an age of immense competition is proving to be an increasingly difficult task. A talent war is waging, and tech firms have been forced into battle.

In the Global Gender Gap Report 2015, Switzerland ranks 8 close to its Nordic counterparts holding the top ranks. Also, female participation in work force is one of the highest among OECD countries with 46% thanks to its strong growth since 1995. However, almost half of the women that participate are part time workers and poorly represented in leadership positions. Only 3% of managers and 4% of directors of Swiss listed companies are women. Also the boardrooms these companies host only 8% women and this number is steady in the last 10 years. Combined with the lower percentage of females in the STEM studies, numbers for the tech market doesn’t look any better.

The tech market is evolving constantly and at a rapid pace, creating the need for employees who have the skills to not only adapt to changes, but to innovate and propel companies into the future.  A number of studies have shown that financial results are better for organizations with a higher percentage of women in senior positions. McKinsey and Catalyst have both published such results. As well as the research also shows that diversity on all axes of life experience — age, gender, race, national and cultural origin, sexual orientation, educational background, for example — creates a cognitive and social environment which is a positive indicator for innovation.

Now top talent isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for success of tech companies.

Tech companies need to ensure that women employees are supported from day one. They need to create a working environment that is welcoming, shows no gender bias and empowers their employees to improve and drive diversity.”


18:00 – Doors opening: registration & networking and snacks
18:30 – Welcome by Zurich GGD, Phaidon International, Impact Hub
19:00 – Panel discussion: “The war for female tech talent” & QA with

20:00 – Hack Zurich intro session
20:10 – Closing remarks
20:15 – Networking and snacks
21:30 – Event finished and doors closed

Places will be limited and event is registration only.
We will be posting our Eventbrite link on April 12.


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